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Do Facebook Likes Truly Help You Beat Your Competition/


Since Facebook first launched business pages, companies of all sizes have focused on gaining Likes, making it perhaps their primary goal. However, as Facebook has evolved and improved its advertising features, many feel that engagement now trumps the accumulation of Likes. It begs the question, are you wasting your time amassing Facebook data or can those likes truly help you beat your competition?

Engagement and Likes

From the beginning, much of the engagement on Facebook revolved around the Like button. This feature is the quickest and easiest way to show that you enjoyed a page or post. One click will mean that business page comments will begin to appear in your News Feed. This visibility is the primary function of the Like button. When they click Like, your users are telling Facebook that they enjoy seeing your page content within their News Feed. That action can of course lead to even greater engagement.

Unfortunately, the simplicity of the Like button can also be a negative. One Like doesn’t always mean that the user has become properly engaged with a page or business. While Likes can be a gateway to further engagement including comments, there is no certainty that further engagement will occur from one click. Additionally, unlike comments where you can engage in a conversation, there is no way to thank someone for liking your page.
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