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How To Make A Monthly SEO Plan

how to build a monthly seo plan

Building a Monthly SEO Action Plan 101


In this post we are going to discuss how to build a simple monthly SEO plan for your business. We are going to study a video produced by Seomoz and is available on Udemy that covers some of the basic tactics to creating a monthly SEO action plan that will contribute to the success of your business. Major props to SeoMoz for creating this simple and intuitive video on the nuts and bolts of SEO plans. No matter what category of business you are in there is some take away from this for everyone.

Lets dive in and please note that I have included the link to the video here in case some of you would like to watch that as well. I have included some of my own thoughts and interpretation of the content that is from the video. For a quick recap your can read the outline below. This is an outline with additional notes from the video.


Step 1: Site Diagnostics

You will want to run site diagnostics preferable on a weekly basis if your schedule will allow. The things you will want to look for are errors on your site. More specifically 404s, blocked by robot.txts, and 302s. This should be an easy routine once you have worked out all the kinks on your site and running these checks will consume less of your time as you work out more of the errors on your site. There are alot of tools out there for this and many that are free. Later on I will build a blog post on all the free tools that are out there for SEO experts to use. The key is checking routinely so that you can fix the problems before they hit the SERPS.


Step 2:  Metrics & Measurements

We all know how important measuring progress is. There’s a saying that you can only improve what you measure. I recommend to measure your sites progress weekly. Here are the following areas that are discussed that should be measured:

-Visits from Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…

-Traffic from pages and which pages?

-What keywords are driving the traffic to these pages?

-What are the rankings of these keywords?

-Compare these stats to following months (If your business is seasonal then compare these to the previous months that time last year)

In my business’s I measure daily, weekly, and monthly to compare to previous months but I also compare to previous years (same months timeframe) to get our current growth. This is a good habit to get into especially if you run a local service type business where your business is mainly based off consumer trends, buying patterns, and seasonality.

Competitor SEO & SEM Data

Part of your measuring data should also be for tracking your competitors and how they are doing, what they are ranking for in terms of keywords. If you are noticing increased traffic where is that coming from? What links are they building? What links are driving traffic to their site etc…You will gain a lot of knowledge using some great SEO competitor tracking tools. One of the features I really like to look at is their Google PPC Ad Spend. I like to operate my business’s on PPC advertising and I also recommend for other industry’s. With Pivot I mainly go for organic search and SEO.

If you know how to use Search Engine Marketing for your business then you will find knowing what your competitors are doing for SEM PPC will be invaluable. Follow there trends for what keywords they are spending money on. Obviously if they have been around for awhile and are spending money on certain keywords then they must be converting. Of course if you have a terrible looking website and your call to actions are not visible then you will be wasting your time doing this. Always measure the size of your competition and try to make a way for your business to stand out. Having a quality landing page build for PPC will funnel more leads.


Step 3: Keyword & Content Opportunities

You will want to include in your weekly or monthly plan to look for new keywords for your business or organization to rank for. Depending on you industry the keywords are different for everyone, and not every keyword will produce the results you are hoping for. Take you list of keywords and compare to the opportunities that are out there. You can also check and compare your competitor keywords to what you are ranking for. You may find new opportunities in that research.

Once you have your keyword target words and have done your research then you can start to work on producing content around that. Whatever your strategy is you will want to incorporate those keywords into the strategy. Building new pages centered around that content is one good method of doing this.


Step 4: Social, PR & Link Building Strategies

You will want to figure out the people you need to engage in your industry and how to reach them. You might find these people in the blogging world, twitter, facebook, internally in your industry, forums, or PR websites and organizations.

Once you locate the best places for where you can find your customers you will want to work on standing out. You defiantly do not want to blend in with the rest of the crowd on those sites so put some thought into what makes you different! You want to get noticed and you want to stand out. See what works in other places and what works for other owners.

If you work in a larger organization you will always want to be aware of what other initiatives are being done in your company so that you can all be on the same page. Other people might not be thinking about the keywords to target, link building, pr initiatives etc…Get everyone on the same page and make your end goals very very clear. Once you do this you will be well on your way to improving your sites visibility! Click here for more on SEO and SEM services.



To Your Success!

Joshua Christensen

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