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Pivot Digital Marketing is focused on making business owners successful through strategic marketing solutions. We take brands and help them achieve amazing results through marketing methods and channels. The bottom line is with this experience and marketing knowledge we believe Pivot can help you grow your business.

Our focus is on our customers and their success, therefore we only work with a small amount of business brands to obtain the best possible results and customer service. We choose to stay selective in our industry focus and deliver the best possible marketing results to achieve your goals. Pivot empowers businesses to change their marketing and increase their sales. Simply put, We Pivot Brands. Are you ready to Pivot your brand?


Joshua Christensen, Founder & CEO, brings an extensive background as a Regional Franchise Owner and Marketing Professional. He has been recognized with top franchise awards in marketing and with numerous top franchise achievement awards in a nationally recognized franchise system. Joshua is a visionary leader and has contributed designs, systems direction, sales, and technical direction that has been utilized and implemented within the $50 million dollar Sears Franchise network.

His favorite part about running a regional franchise business was the involvement in marketing on the local level. After building up the franchise to run well without his presence he went on to start a few other business including Pivot Digital Marketing where he spends most of his time helping other business owners reach the same level of success.

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