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Our founder and CEO Josh Christensen has been an award winning franchise owner of the Coeur d’Alene, Montana, and Spokane Sears Garage Solutions since 2011. With over 10 top performance awards during the last 6 years this franchise has been one that has truly stood out above the rest even with the negative media attention Sears has received. During the last 6 years we have done extensive SEO, Social Media, Direct Mail, Brand Reputation Management and Google PPC. Over the years we have also assisted with marketing objectives, product development, and day to day business operations that have bolstered this company to be one of the top Garage Door Companies in Spokane.

You can view the current Sears Garage Doors Website Here.

As a Digital Marketing company we specialize in WEBSITESSEO, SEM, SMM, Google Adwords, Google Review Management, Graphics, Branding and Content Strategy. Don’t stress about finding the right marketing tools, ad campaign guides, social media strategies or business branding! That’s what we are here for. Before you know it you’ll celebrate a 1st page ranking on Google.


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Pivot Digital Marketing is all about enabling and empowering our clients to achieve extraordinary business success and freedom. Our passion is to make business owners successful through proven marketing strategies that work. We offer our clients business marketing services, website services and business consulting which enable our customers to take control of their business.

Some of the internet marketing services we offer include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Websites, Review Reputation Management, Branding and more. We are not just your typical marketing company. We specialize in working with a select few business owners to achieve extraordinary results. It’s about giving business owners the tools to become thought leaders within their industry.

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