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Social Media Marketing is an integral part of your branding and marketing strategy. We are experts in assessing all the social media landscapes to develop a strategy that suits your business needs. Put your social media marketing on auto pilot with us and relax as we help boost your engagement.

Here at Pivot Marketing, we think of the people first. Of course, your business has certain goals they want to approach, but you won’t get anywhere without ‘the people”. Social Media Marketing campaigns allow us to connect with the people, through posting educational content, informative posts and most importantly, engaging with your following to manifest a loyal audience.


The goal is to establish which social media channels your brand should be featured on according to your target audience. The next step would be to research the type of content that will appeal to your target market so that you can share relevant, and educational content to further establish your company as thought leaders within the industry.

Social Media Management is about keeping your finger on the pulse of what is trending on all platform. The analytics are then gathered and the data is structured in a Social Media Report to make sure the company is reaching it’s SMM goals.

Social Media Marketing is also a strategy used to inform your readership about your product and service. It is used as a tool to showcase your skills and expertise while creating traffic and conversion in return.


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