We are a full service marketing company based out of Coeur d’Alene Idaho and near Spokane, Washington. We specialize in building websites, videos and internet marketing for business owners. We work with clients all over the place. As with most companies, your marketing goals is to be on the first page of Google, right? Well, luckily you’ve found our website building and marketing team, and we’ll help get you there. First, we will analyze your existing website if you have one and your industry to determine a path to success. Don’t have a website for your business? Not a problem, we can spend some time working on a site that fits your budget and your goals for your company.

As a digital marketing firm in Coeur d’Alene Idaho we also specialize in videos, print services and graphics design. Need a promotional video for your business? Not a problem! We have a great team to get you an amazing video! We can design most print elements for your brand including business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures and more. We can even design your marketing materials for you with our specialized team of graphic designers.

From branding elements to websites we have you covered at Pivot. Your full spectrum design and marketing company.

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As a team we utilize our website building principles to deliver a visually stunning site. We work through phases with our customers to really understand what their vision is for their company so we can shape our strategy around them. Once we have a plan in place we start our website building phase. Before finalizing your website we will work closely with you on the final touches. We want to see your website succeed and be placed in the highest levels on Google so that your customers can find your business.

One thing that sets us apart as a marketing company is that our founder has experience as an entrepreneur in various industry’s. Through his experience owning multiple business models he has learned how to deliver award winning websites that will convert traffic. Our team is experienced in building websites that not only look great but are built on a foundation for SEO success so that you can rank organically.


We’ve helped many brands to establish their perfect website architecture for the optimal performance in today’s competitive world. We work closely with brands to understand their field and the future direction of their company so we can build a site that grows with them. Website architecture is very important for business owners, without a proper understanding of this a website will have a difficult time ranking locally in your market.

Our websites start at $199/month and include our hosting and maintenance package for optimal performance.  Sites include our starter SEO package to get your business running smoothly and performing at its best.

Why do we charge monthly website fee? We believe in working with owners through the development of their site and business. Charging a monthly fee allows us to work with more business owners and to grow with their business. We do offer stand alone website packages if you prefer to have us build your site for a one time fee.


We’ve helped many brands to establish their website strategy in order to build long term organic traffic and growth. We focus on website methods that work and provide great results for our clients. We work hard to meet or exceed our clients goals and expectations when it comes to building their website for their business.

We work with business’s to build their websites in many categories including websites for construction industry’s, doctors, eye clinics, landscaping companies, eCommerce companies, restaurants, retail and many many more!  Our clients satisfaction is extremely important to us! After all we get most of our work from word of mouth and referrals. So, now it’s our turn to help you!


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