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Your in business to win and to find opportunities to stay ahead of your competition. The business industry is constantly evolving and changing, so to stay ahead you need to understand the marketing and sales trends. Having a business consultant/coach can help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable to someone that wants to see you succeed.

As the owner of numerous business’s, I personally offer coaching and consulting to business owners on a no commitment month to month basis. What this means is that I will help you with whatever you need in your business via phone conversations and email so that we can boost your revenues. Most coaches charge thousands of dollars and rightly so. Our consulting plans start at $500 per month and can be custom tailored to what you need.

At Pivot Digital Marketing my team and I understand business systems, franchise systems, and marketing methods that will make you successful no matter the industry you are in. Our desire is to help you grow and succeed with our consulting methods. We even offer consulting services where we will personally visit your place of business and evaluate your systems, process’s, and marketing. We genuinely enjoy business on all levels and cannot express enough how important it is to have someone on your team to consult and coach you to success.


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